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\\ Our story so far \\


Following a year of trouble with artifacts, extreme weather and corporate overreach, one could hope that things would start to calm down on the Belt world of Onia. Unfortunately, that seems to be wishful thinking.

Both monster and man stalk the the undercity of Dusklight as dinosaurs out of time and racial serial killers stalk an unnatural mist. Not that things are much safer on the surface. A resurgent Holy See takes advantage of trouble in the distant capitals of the Federation to launch a new, militant outreach, finally providing competition to the ISTO’s Forward Intelligence Command.

In the deep frontier, ancient tombs stir, long thought forgotten wonders and horrors start to make themselves known as a hitherto unknown group of explorers is spotted scrambling over the ruins.

The future is in flux, the outcome uncertain. Trouble comes for Onia.