AI group photo (2022)


Artificial Intellegence with origins across the galaxy. They can take many forms, both inhabit grown bodies or fully synthetic forms. Often a hot topic across the galaxy, the rights of

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Anahi group photo (2022)


A nomadic race of tall, humanesque bipeds. Typically resembling what one might consider an “elf”, Anahi come in a wide array of skin colors, though most are typically gray and

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Caera group photo (2022)


The Caera are a race of hooved humanoids whose nomadic nature has made them somewhat of an oddity among the galactic community. The core of their culture fixates upon “The

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Coathal group photo (2022)


Typically, tall and bulky, sometimes small and lithe, but always imposing, the coathal tend to make an impact wherever they go. They are cold blooded, subterranean, and oft covered in

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Gwix samples


Gwix are an industrious race that have economically dominated much of the White Belt. They are split into two bloodlines; one being the astute, stout and spindly TOK Gwix and

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Hexian group photo (2022)


Hexians, a cold loving rodentia analogue, hail from the Federation Influenced Vae’Hex Dominion, a minor empire that controlled a small section of space that includes a few colony worlds and

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Human group photo (2022)


Hailing from Earth, Humanity represents the large majority of individuals in corporate Hierarchy. The term “Bog Standard” is disengenuous. Humanity has been apart of the galactic playing field for several

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Leecii samples


A symbiotic race of moss-based lifeforms. A Leecii is never truly alone, only appearing when it has bonded with a sympathetic and willing host. The Leecii are naturally pacifistic, only

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Lumii Group Photo (2022)


Feline-Like Aliens from a snowy world, dominated by a pervasive Holy See. Recently troubled times and persecution has lead to two distinct classes within the race, Those who are faithful,

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New Frontiers Logo


A catchall term for any number of species hailing from the dozens of worlds that do not fall neatly into categorization, or those who do not claim descendance from one

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Poliesu group photo (2022)


A proud warrior race of shark-people hailing from Ayun-Ji. The Poliesu are driven partially by their glorification of combat. They suffered greatly during the war but continued serving as capable

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Rohkandan group photo (2022)


The Rokhandan’s are humanoids with heavily canine-esque features. Bipedal and typically rather intelligent, they come in a wide-ranging array of colors and shapes, though usually in ranges of natural blacks,

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Tavari samples


A species of avian-like humanoids from the mountainous world of Makkar. Coming from a proud and traditional aristocratic society they have accomplished much after reaching the galactic stage, with the

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Custom ordered, quickly grown, Synthetic in design, organic in nature. Vatborn represent the pinnacle of genetic and biological research and only recently earned sentient rights as something more than disposable

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