Summit Resource Group

Who we are?

Summit Resource Group understands what it takes to succeed in frontier markets whilst embodying the values of the Galactic Coalition. Freedom, diversity, democracy, prosperity, community, life and liberty; principles that are at the heart of our interstellar coalition. Principles that the Summit Resource Group is committed to safeguarding. Our solutions are based on first -hand experience operating in the most austere environments. Integrating security, logistics, insurance and infrastructure into customized solutions, we help our clients overcome complex challenges to realize greater opportunity in defence of the Coalition and her allies. Such is our experience that SRG has been contracted by the Galactic Coalition to operate on their behalf within the confines of the White Belt Accords. Executing one of the This is a number one strategic priority of the Interstellar Treaty Organization. to secure precursor artifacts that have been located on the frontier world of Onia. Under no circumstances can such valuable artifacts be allowed to fall into the hands of either the Federation and their Jingashi Concordant allies or the White Belt Administration. SRG has one mission on Onia. To secure the interests of the Galactic Coalition, protect her citizens and neutralize threats to Interstellar Security.

Who are we looking for?

Summit Resource Group is looking for individuals from a wide array of backgrounds, scientists, medics, novice contractors and seasoned operators a like. Whilst former miltiary experience is a bonus, it is by no means required. SRG will provide training and equipment as needed. Courage, passion, iniative and decisiveness are ideal qualities we look for as you will often be expected to operate alone, think on your feet and execute operations in austere enviroments with little support. Summit Resource Group has one rule. The mission comes first, all else is discretionary.

Values – Summit Resource Group. It is an ethos and an employer at the same time.

We embody the key founding values of the Galactic Coalition; Loyalty, Freedom, Diversity, and Democracy. The same values that safeguard the citizens of the Galactic Coalition help us succeed in the darkest and harshest corners of space. We remain committed to these values without question; no matter what the cost. This, we will defend.

Organizational Structure

Within the SRG are many positions and structures, although not a representation of rank, these roles are often held in high regard and each one holds a unique role.


The President of the organization oversees the SRG as a whole, managing their image he is often unreachable as he must be constantly vigilant as to what operations are currently being undertaken and supporting the values of those who hire the SRG.

Government Liaison

Currently held by Rear Admiral Sylus Cain of the Interstellar Treaty Organizations Forward Intelligence Command. The Liaison is SRG’s link back to their Coalition backers and the Captain of the naval vessel that supports SRG. A high value target for all those who wish to put a stop to the Coalitions influence efforts on Onia.

Vice President

The Vice President for Onian Operations is SRGs head planetside. Responsible for the direction of how operations take place on a system wide scale. He most likely oversees all operations authorized by the head office and the information that comes from the Coalition.

Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff manages those stationed upon vessels or bases run and managed by the SRG. They often head up recruitment campaigns as well as manage HR operations.

Ops Officer

An Operations Officer may oversee planetary wide operations and assist the Vice President in directions that they believe the SRG should go in. They may also regularly train new members of the SRG in field skills or personally head up missions.

Field Supervisors

A Field Supervisors role within the SRG is to effectively lead a team during a mission in order to deliver the most efficient outcome and completion of the goal.


The Specialist role is held by those who have a specific duty or assessment held within the SRG. They most often have access to higher access material that relates to their field.


The operators are the specially selected employees that have been cleared for field operations on behalf of the organization. They are held to the high standard of conduct which will be delivered and drilled into them through their service and training.


A contractor is an external employee hired to assist the SRG in a specific mission, goal or other applicable cause. They most likely have access to limited information through organizational records and will often not be invited to assignments or operations unless it is absolutely necessary.