Last updated 19/09/21

Practice common sense while consulting these rules. The general idea counts, not the exact wording. The rules are guidelines for the sim and should be interpreted to suit the situation at hand, not manipulated to suit your needs. Attempting to Rules-Lawyer a member of staff is never a good idea.

New Frontiers Management retains the right to issue ejections/bans/administrative actions to players that they consider to be a consistent net negative to the community and sim, without the need for any specific Rule to be broke

We’re here to provide a fun RP environment for all our players, but that’s only possible if our sim, team and other players are treated fairly and with respect and courtesy. All acts within the sim or in relation to the sim should be with the fun and continuity of the community in mind. 

We are all here to have a fun time. Treat other players the way you wish to be treated. Players are expected to be mature enough to realize when they should be toning behaviors back to avoid ruining the enjoyment of others. Conflicts will happen, but try not to make it too personal.

That means even if something isn’t detailed in the sim or dice rules, abusing, loop-holing and being discourteous on the regular is a violation of this agreement, one you agree to by playing in the sim.

The game systems in the sim, the HUD, and the character systems are not to be abused or exploited in any way; they are to be used as they were intended. If you find any bugs please contact an administrator as abusing these can lead to a ban. Examples of abuse include:

-Trading between your own characters or accounts, including laundering through 3rd parties.
– OOC scamming and abusing new players.
– Faking dice rolls or lying about equipment.
– Changing skills in the HUD whilst in an IC scene to gain an advantage.

Every individual is allowed to apply their own limits to RP, however these should be in good faith. If you reach a situation where someone’s limits may be breached, communication is paramount, you should negotiate OOCly to come to a conclusion that both parties agree to. If a situation is something that you (or they) do not wish to RP, you can always fade to black.

Using consent in bad faith as an OOC shield to protect your character will result in administrative action.

Whilst In character actions have in character consequences. If you feel you are being unfairly targeted, or are being targeted for actions that have been taken out of character. Please create a ticket in the create-a-help-ticket channel.

It should be stressed you cannot prevent RP between 2 consenting parties that you are not yourself involved in. Remember Rule 1, we are all here to have fun. If your actions, whilst technically within stated rules negatively affect the community, the administration team reserves the right to act.

Consent is needed in order to permanently affect another player either through death, rape, mutilation or in any way that it would permanently affect a character’s physical or mental stability. If something has led up to where consent is needed for an action that is inevitable please contact a member of administration.

The following behaviors are prohibited in New Frontiers:

– Metagaming, using information obtained OOC in IC situations, this includes passing information between your characters off-screen without administrative approval. To obtain information from an ongoing scene, you must post into it.

– Powergaming,  Playing all powerful, or forcing actions upon others. Every action on people or things outside of your own character is considered an attempt. If it affects or reaches another player. It is an attempt.

– Abusing player limits, Players cannot claim ‘against limits’ in some instances where the player has instigated the consequences. For example, a player cannot steal or hurt someone then once caught and taken to the police, refuse their jail time claiming its against their limits to be imprisoned. If a player has instigated a consequence, they must play out the consequence, either by Fade to Black or actually RPing it out. 

Sim crashers, graphics crashers, sim wide attacks, or anything that obstructs the use of the sim will result in a permanent ban. Spamming obnoxious gestures, aggressive racism, homophobia, abuse, offensive character names, promoting politics that support any of these, or other antisocial behavior as decided by administration will result in warnings and bans for repeated offenders based on the severity of each case.

At New Frontiers a fluent level of English is required, this is an English language only sim, use of translators is discouraged. When you are IC you must have your titler on and active. You must be IC to use sim systems such as vendors, containers, trading, looting, mining, ect. When you are outside the hub or personal rental, please use either your HUD with visible hovertext or an OOC tag.

Use of movement enhancers is limited to having an appropriate corresponding item. Example: You cannot use a jetpack on your avatar unless you have a jetpack equipped. Movement enhancers should also be used sparingly, using them exclusively to traverse the sim is disallowed. Avatar flying is disallowed except by sim staff in the course of their duties. Sit hacking is only allowed in situations where you are returning to the sim and need to get back to somewhere your character would still be IC.

Please see the appearance guide on appropriate character designs. See Appearance Guide.

The Appearance Guide has sim rules regarding appearance, size, parody, ferals and quads, political imagery, and so on. Everything covered in the Appearance Guide is subject to enforcement just like the rules listed here at the administrations discretion. Please make sure you are abiding by our appearance guide while on sim.

Although rez is enabled in the sim, it must be used appropriately, and you must always pick up after you are finished. Do not wait for the auto-return to clean up behind you. The ability to rez is a privilege rather than a right, and it can be taken away at any time if it is abused.

Do not rez anything that will degrade sim performance or has heavy land impact without administrative approval.

Vehicles are allowed to be rezzed but will have no effect on combat. If a combat scene starts, the vehicle must be disembarked. Please pick them up when you are done; do not use rezzed objects to farm items or avoid RP.

New Frontiers is an adult rated sim, sexual content is allowed however the colony has laws against public nudity and sexual behavior. Expect appropriate responses to your actions. All interactions must be consensual OOC, pressing any unwanted advances is harassment and will not be tolerated.

Anything that violates the SL TOS is grounds for a ban. Child avatars are not allowed. Anything that is made to look childlike falls under this rule. If it would require explaining to a Linden, it is not allowed.

Player death (and the consequences/permanence of this) is purely consensual. Sim administration reserves the right to waive this rule in extreme circumstances

Administration reserves the right to change these rules without notice to ensure the safety of the sim and player base. Changes will be announced via a changelog whenever practicable.

Any established precedents or clarifications will be listed against the respective rule on the wiki page, here.