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Dusklight Workers Union

Overview The Dusklight Workers Union is a loose collection of workers located within the colony, serving the colony and its colonists for their day to day needs. Currently this group

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Golden Rabbit logo

Golden Rabbit

Overview Built from the remnants of the original colony ship, the Golden Rabbit club serves Dusklight Station as a bar and club for socialization and relaxation. Serving its customers many

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House Ajnoria shield

House Ajnoria

House Ajnoria, founded in 2130, emerged as one of the noble houses during the early days of Martian settlement. Drawing inspiration from the grandeur of the Solar Empire, the house

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RSS Logo


(Reeves Star Security) Recently offered charter via the Governor and WBA contract. Reeves’ Star Security is a growing Security Organization working on behalf of STAG industries as a subsidary aquisition.

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STARS logo - Do Know Harm


(Shock Trauma Armed Rescue Service) STARS, and its parent company Kyoshi Corporation, represent a large megacorporate force on multiple planets and systems, but with large operations in the White Belt

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Summit Resource Group

Who we are? Summit Resource Group understands what it takes to succeed in frontier markets whilst embodying the values of the Galactic Coalition. Freedom, diversity, democracy, prosperity, community, life and

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The OSIRIS Network

We are outcasts. We are rebels without a cause. We’re criminals. We’re social pariahs. We are the OSIRIS Network, a loosely organized group of Edgerunners, Hackers, Ripperdocks and Smugglers that

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Triton Alliance

Overview OUTDATED INFORMATION: PLEASE EXCUSE OUR MESS AS WE UPDATE Founded by Cassandra “Cass” Keystone, the Lucky Sevens is a Sheriff-described “worker insurrection”, an organization formed on the basis of

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