House Ajnoria shield

House Ajnoria

House Ajnoria, founded in 2130, emerged as one of the noble houses during the early days of Martian settlement. Drawing inspiration from the grandeur of the Solar Empire, the house boasts a rich and extensive history. However, as the Solar Empire’s influence waned, so did House Ajnoria’s standing in the galaxy. Nevertheless, the noble house has now risen from the ashes, determined to reclaim its ancestral rights over The Miranmir System and Onia and restore peace and civilization to the colony.

With the support of The Federation, House Ajnoria not only aims to regain control of Onia but also to harness and control the enigmatic anomalies that afflict the planet. Embracing a spirit of inclusivity and compassion, the house extends a warm welcome to all who seek refuge within its lands, offering assistance to the less fortunate and aspiring to govern with integrity and nobility.

Led by the esteemed Arch Duchess Anya Saydi Ajnoria, rightful heir to the Golden Phoenix Throne of Laddon, House Ajnoria asserts its ancient claim to The Miranmir System and Onia, bestowed by the Solar Emperor himself. Onia is envisioned as a beacon of hope, where the house’s honorable actions will uplift and enlighten the masses. Standing firm against all threats, House Ajnoria vows to eradicate corruption and decay perpetuated by The Coalition. The house strives to establish a foundation of community, laying the groundwork for a brighter future.