Always be civil (e.g. no personal attacks, practice empathy and patience in all discussions, and learn when to leave a discussion). Please note that tone can be difficult to read in text format, and everyone has a different perspective and frame of reference. Be aware that sarcasm, dark humor, and in-jokes may not be interpreted as you intended. If the discussion has become circular (just rehashing/discussing the same points over and over), people are talking past each other (consistently not understanding points of view and just getting “louder”), and/or moving to personal insults or unpleasant generalizations, it’s time to pause or stop the conversation. Additionally, asking questions in bad faith, asking questions to provoke a negative reaction or drama, and/or repeatedly asking questions in a “debate me” manner (sealioning) under the guise of civility or “just asking” is harassment. Don’t chase a conversation that someone doesn’t want to have.

Don’t make discord unusable or unpleasant to use. This includes spamming, abusing role pings, and everything else that’d make people not want to be here. Administration has final say on the matter.

Check the pinned messages for the description or use of each channel. If your post is not in a suitable channel, the Moderators will kindly ask you to move your discussion to the ideal location. All NSFW content should be kept in the NSFW channels. Read the nsfw-request channel to get your tag.

This includes and is not limited to speculation on real-world topics.This isn’t a place for political debate, no one wants to read your 3 page libertarian manifesto on the discord for a second life space rp sim. This includes memes, current political events, online videos although some leeway may be given if the discussion is non-toxic.

You must use your SL username as part of your discord nickname. This is your username, not your display name. This allows Administration to very quickly help you with issues by being able to identify your characters in the hud system. If you do not use your SL USERNAME we have a hard time finding you.

If you have questions or need help, please use help-general If you wish to speak to an online member of Administration/Moderation staff privately, please ping @Help and staff will reach out to you. Moderation actions will not be open for debate in public forum. Moderations actions are between the Moderation team and the individual involved, and will not be discussed with others. In rare and extreme cases, an explanation will be posted by administration. In the event moderation action is taken against you, you will receive notice from the administrative staff in charge of your case and can talk to them directly about the event. General questions regarding the rules, clarifications, and/or constructive ideas are welcome in help-general

For information about our joinable factions, check factions For a list of Documents and Links, including Dice Documents, feedback forms, etc, check documents-and-links