New Frontiers Rental Agreement

Last Updated: 10/06/2023


Thank you for choosing to rent with New Frontiers. Within this document you will find all the details of your rental, what you may do within them, and who to contact if you have issues or questions.

Information About Your Rental

Each rental plot on the New Frontiers land is divided up into size tiers as follows;





Land Impact (per plot)

Cost in Linden$ per week













  • You may pay up to two months of time for any rental. Once time for a rental has been paid, it is at the liberty of the Rentals Team to refund you should it be required. The New Frontiers Rentals Team withholds the right to not process refunds at their discretion.

  • Each plot will have an attached payment box. Please pay this box to continue renewing your lease.

  • When your rental is about to expire, you will be given an automatic notice, giving you a period of twenty four (24) hours to extend the lease on your rental.

    • If the lease is not extended in this time, all items on the plot will be returned to you

    • New Frontiers is not responsible for the loss of any items as part of this process

    • Once a lease has expired and items returned, the plot will be available for purchase by another tenant.

    • In the case the plot is purchased, the New Frontiers Rental Team will not be able to evict someone from your prior plot if it is being rented.

  • If you require further assistance with your rentals, or have any questions you would like to ask, please contact the following in the first instance:

    • @Aven – maskmonster – Aven Kuroe

    • @Kaylee/Ayumi – Meyar – Meia.Cosmos

  • If your query is not resolved, or the query is urgent, please contact any of the New Frontiers Administration team, or use the @help tag in the discord server.

Rental Rules

By renting with New Frontiers you agree to abide by the following rules. These rules will periodically be checked and updated by the New Frontiers Administration and Rental Teams and updates may be applied.

  • By renting with New Frontiers, it is taken that you consent and agree to follow these rules. Any variation, for a single person or group, to these rules for any reason will be communicated to you in writing prior to your rental commencing.

  • Any changes to these rules will be communicated to both the NF Land group via In World notice and on the discord Announcements channel.

    • If at any stage you wish to stop renting with New Frontiers due to changes in these rules, please contact the New Frontiers Rental Team and they will discuss the options available to you

    • Once a rule change has been provided, you will have a maximum of Fourteen (14) days to comply with the rules changes

  • The New Frontiers Administration and Rentals Teams reserve the right to remove your ability to rez objects or terminate your lease at any stage should they feel you have broken any of the rules outlined below

    • New Frontiers may not be held liable for the loss of any objects returned or deleted this way.

    • In the case of lease termination, the plot will be reserved for a further seven (7) days for an appeal to be lodged. After this time, the plot will be available to purchase once again.

    • The New Frontiers Administration and Rental team retain the right to prevent you from purchasing leases should you continue to break the rules lain out in this document

  • All objects rez’d must be under the “/// New Frontiers \\\ – Land” group tag

  • You may not rez any prims outside of your assigned plot.

    • If, in the case of building or moving things around, you may temporarily use the space between plots to hold objects

    • These objects must be removed or returned to your plot within a reasonable timeframe, or they may be returned by the New Frontiers Rental Team

    • If renting multiple plots next to one another, you may not bridge the gap between plots without express permission from the New Frontiers Rental Team

    • Any Sky Boxes or Surrounds for your plot, must be fully contained within your plot

    • You may not rez any objects onto another rental where you do not have the lease for that plot

  • You are responsible for the performance of your objects.

    • Any object with excessive script time, or that is causing issues to the sim will be returned to ensure the sim performance is not heavily impacted.

    • You may not rez objects that provide constant sound that can be heard in other rentals or parts of the sim.

      • Objects that have occasional sounds, such as a shutter door, are permitted providing the sound follows the rules as above, and is appropriately used.

    • The New Frontiers Rental Team retains the right to return or delete any objects found violating the above rules and may not be held responsible for the loss of said objects.

  • The following limits are imposed upon each renter, without express permission of the New Frontiers Rental Team;

    • If you have a Giant rental, you may rent no other plots.

    • You may have no more than 2 Large Rentals Land Impact at any one time, you may also own no more than 3 rental plots at any one time; See the below for examples.

      • 1 Large Rental and 2 Medium Rentals (400 Land Impact)

      • 3 Medium Rentals (300 Land Impact)

      • 1 Large Rental, 1 Medium and 1 Small Rentals (350 Land Impact)

    • Where possible, we ask that you consolidate your rentals into the largest type possible (I.E. 3 Medium Rentals would become One Large and One Medium Rental) – The New Frontiers Rental team will try and advise you of this as rentals become available

    • You may not sublet your rental to other players.

    • You may allow other players to rez items onto your plot, they count towards your Land Impact limit. If this occurs, you must inform the New Frontiers Rentals Team so this can be tracked and items are not unnecessarily returned.

    • Alternate Accounts, for the purposes of rentals, are all counted as the same person.

    • You may not donate any part of your rental to a faction base, without The New Frontiers Administration and Rental teams approval

  • At the discretion of the New Frontiers Rental Team and New Frontiers Administrations team, you may ask for a teleporter to be placed in the world on the sim floor.

    • Teleportes may only be placed by the New Frontiers Administration and Rentals team

    • Doorways must be located in the following areas

      • Ships and Hangers must be located in the Hanger Hallway

      • Private Residence must be located in the Apartment Block

      • Businesses may be placed on the Sim Level by Administration only.

      • This doorway will count towards your rental’s land impact count.

    • The New Frontiers Administration and Rentals Team reserve the right to deny a teleporter being placed into the world for any reason. This reason will be communicated with you and where appropriate, help and guidance will be given to resolve the issue

  • If you have any questions, concerns or queries that are not listed in the above, please contact the New Frontiers Rental Team and they will be happy to assist you.

    • Should you think another rental is breaking any of the above rules, please open a support ticket in the discord by going to #create-a-help-ticket and titling the ticket “Rental Issues”

Once Again, thank you for renting with New Frontiers, we hope you enjoy your stay and will be happy to help with any issues or concerns you may have.



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